Can call recording help me to monitor single departments of my larger company?

Can call recording help me to monitor single departments of my larger company?

Wherever possible, we try to use our blog to address your burning questions. Well, we wouldn’t be any good at our jobs if we weren’t divulging the answers that our customers needed. This last couple of weeks we have noticed a lot of people asking a very specific question…

“Can call recording help me to monitor a single department?”

Many of our prospective customers want to know whether our software can be used to monitor and appraise a particular team or department within their organisation. The answer is a resounding, ‘yes’!

 Why should I monitor single departments at a time?

There are numerous reasons why you might want to record the calls of a single department, rather than your entire business at any given time. Perhaps you have particular concerns regarding performance, morale or achievements. You might wish to oversee a relatively new department that hasn’t had a chance to establish itself yet. Are there employees you wish to train, retrain, or keep an eye on? You may even want to empower individual managers to assert more control over their teams – and monitor their own departments’ performance.

The ability to monitor specific departments is a great asset to any company, ensuring you know what’s going on in every possible corner of your business. This kind of reporting can also save your business money. Purchasing a license for a smaller number of phone extensions is bound to cost less than kitting out your entire office, and means you can build your software package from the ground up at a rate that suits you. What’s more, your annual maintenance costs will be less, too.

How can call logging and recording help me to achieve this goal?

Our call recording and logging software can be set to report on particular extensions. This means that individual managers can watch over, appraise and inspire specific employees or groups of staff. Our software is perfect for small, medium and large corporations alike, which means we’re just as comfortable establishing smaller networks as we are covering your whole company. It has never been simpler to install your software one department at a time, or watch over particular teams as they work.

Speaking of performance monitoring, our call recording and logging software is complemented by our wallboards, which will display all of the information you could ever desire pertaining to your workers’ achievements and motivation. While some managers prefer to see what their business looks like as one big whole, others might prefer to keep a closer eye on specific departments. Thank to our software you’re welcome to log your calls however you’d like to. We strive to be as flexible, and customisable as possible.

What happens next?

If you’re interested in hearing more we’d recommend contacting one of our agents. We’d be thrilled to talk you through the process of trialling your very first system, and discussing your business’s requirements with you.

 We’ve got lots more that we could tell you about call logging and recording software, so please do browse our blog for inspiration and answers. If you’d prefer to speak to one of our team members do contact us directly.

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