Importance of call technology to taxi companies

Taxi companies: The importance of call logging and call recording technology to your business.

Taxi companies: All hail call logging and call recording software…

You shouldn’t ignore the importance of call technology to taxi companies. If you operate or work for a taxi firm, or you’ve ever required the assistance of a cab, you’ll know how integral an efficient telephone service is to operations; in these days of technological advancement it’s still the trusty telephone line that handles the majority of taxi firms’ custom, and so bosses and their drivers need to know they can trust the equipment, and software, that’s working for them.

Unanswered calls are missed opportunities and lost revenue, after all. While keeping telephone lines clear for business is one part of the battle, there are numerous other considerations that taxi firms need to make.

So, how can our call logging and recording software ensure that your taxi firm is doing all it can to keep customers happy, and ensure they arrive where they need to be on time?

Monitoring call times

Taxi firms must make sure that calls are being answered promptly, and that no one is ever left waiting too long.

Our call logging software will ensure bosses can keep a close eye on call frequency, the waiting time that customers are experiencing, and the numbers of calls per hour, or day, that are being missed altogether.

Until firms recognise that there’re a problem it’s very hard to allocate a solution; monitor those calls to see where you’re going wrong, and use consistent, and continuous, call logging measures to make sure things are being put right over time.

Log and return missed calls

We do like to bang on about the topic of missed calls, but the simple truth is that they cost businesses custom, and money. A missed call will show bosses that someone has tried to book a cab via their company, and that they’ve gone elsewhere due to their call being dropped; a missed call is a red flag, and it should be addressed.

Why are your calls not being answered? Do you need additional staff and phone lines, or is the productivity of your office being called into question? Our call logging software will keep track of such issues, while there’s a section on our leader board that will actively monitor missed calls; this section will grow and shrink depending upon the number of missed calls there are, and allow bosses to easily see which have been logged and returned.

Safeguard staff members and drivers

It’s a sad fact of life that customers can turn against those trying to help them, particularly if they’re attempting to get home from a night out, or there’s been an issue preventing their cab from reaching them promptly; try as you might, these things happen, and the abuse that is directed towards operatives and drivers is never warranted.

Call recording is one of the easiest ways to protect team members, taking the details of the caller, the date and time they called, and the contents of the conversation should they be needed as evidence – it’s difficult to assume the worst of people, but you’ll be thankful that you have the technology should a problem arise. In addition, call recording software is useful to prove compliancy, and to use for training purposes.

When your business is as fast-paced as a taxi rank you need to ensure your team members are on the same page. The importance of call technology to taxi companies is beyond doubt.

If you’d like to find out how our call logging and call recording software can help your taxi business please don’t hesitate to give us a call; we’d be happy to tell you everything we know – which happens to be rather a lot! Drop us a line on 0333 0022 440, or contact us.

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