Call Logging and Call Recording technology adds up for the accountant

Call Logging and Call Recording Software: An essential tool for any accountant

Working as an accountant isn’t just about making sure that the numbers add up correctly. They need to be able to grasp new ideas quickly, keep up to date with information and be ready to meet new clients, all whilst displaying a basic level of understanding about their business. The ability to adapt knowledge is essential as is a sense of urgency to turn jobs around quickly and within deadline.

Accuracy and good communication

Accuracy is obviously another important requirement within the world of the accountant, but it’s also important that they are good at building relationships too. An Accountant needs to be adept at proactively building and maintaining good working relationships with their clients, highlighting the importance of good and effective communication.

An accountant needs to convey often extremely complex information in a manner which is both professional and yet easy to understand. The accounts that are being dealt with are extremely important to clients and so it’s essential that where communication takes place over the phone, calls aren’t missed and vital details of conversations aren’t missed. These can between the accountant and client or within teams internally.

Flexibility and functionality

Having a flexible and functional telephony system can prove to be a vital tool in busy practices where accuracy and speed are both key to performance and meeting tight deadlines. By taking advantage of Lanonyx’s call recording and call logging software you can manage variables of your business that were previously difficult to influence.

Call recording –

  • Listen to calls by individual staff – make sure that all staff are projecting the correct persona and image of the business. Check that they are ensuring that clients are at ease and confident.
  • Monitor individual client calls – Monitoring individual client calls can help to highlight any training issues that might exist. It’s important that staff are able to adapt to all the different people they are talking to.
  • Keep a record of advice offered over the phone – If proof is ever needed of information given over the phone, a record of the conversation is the best way to provide this.
  • Decrease numbers of abusive calls – Members of staff should not be subjected to abusive calls. Making callers aware that calls are being recording goes a long way to eradicating unnecessary abuse for staff to deal with.

Call logging –

  • Identify levels of calls missed or lost – Missed calls are damaging for any business. Call logging helps you to identify how many calls are being lost each day, equating that to clients who may ultimately look elsewhere.
  • Highlight periods of high demand – Knowing how to manage the resources you have can sometimes be a difficult process. Call Logging can go some way to helping to establish busy periods enabling decisions to be made on working times and rotas.
  • Address individual performance issues – Call Logging can allow for comparisons to be made across your workforce with regard to performance. For example, on average how long does each person in your team spend on each call? Information like this can suggest whether it’s worthwhile scripting calls or addressing individual issues.

Information at your fingertips

Aside from informing productivity and performance concerns, call logging and recording software can help to protect staff, particularly in a working environment that requires personal details to be discussed and disclosed. The more information a business has, the greater the opportunity to remain successful and competitive.

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