call logging and call recording systems in the solicitors: office achieve the right outcome

Call logging and call recording systems in the solicitors office

How call recording and call logging can achieve the right outcome in your solicitors office

At some point or other we all need to access a solicitors expert knowledge. It might be for personal issues such as buying and selling property, wills and probate, divorce proceedings or personal injury claims. Maybe it will be for commercial reasons or to do with a compensation claim, but there’s no doubting the important service they provide.

Given the nature of the business and services provided by solicitors, making sure that communication is good and accurate is essential. On occasion it may be that information has to be passed on quickly and the best way to do this remains the telephone.

Security and confidentiality are key elements in the role of a solicitor and it’s important to ensure that everyone in the office is also aware of these requirements too.

The work of solicitors can often be stressful so having the right systems in place to help complete necessary tasks but which also offer the ability to identify areas for training and improvements are a big plus.

Choosing Lanonyx telephone software can have a positive impact on engagement and performance in a solicitors office and other legal professions. Here are just a few of the benefits.

Call recording

  • Listen to calls by department – Ensure that each department is consistent, both in the way they handle telephone queries and their approach to offering advice. Establish that if cross-referencing is required between departments, that this is being done correctly.
  • Monitor individual calls by case – By monitoring calls from individual clients, the level of information and advice being imparted can be easily assessed. This is especially useful for highlighting any training issues or requirements.
  • Keep a record of advice offered over the phone – It may be important in certain cases to be able to have a record of the information that has already been given to a client. In some instances it may be necessary to prove that certain information was offered and received during a call. Recording of calls means that proof is always readily available.
  • Decrease numbers of abusive calls – If callers are made aware that calls are being recorded it is less likely that they will be abusive. As well as being distressing and unwelcome, abusive calls simply create extra unnecessary work and drains on resources.

Call logging 

  • Identify levels of calls missed or lost – Knowing how many calls are being missed or lost can help to focus on areas to avoid this. In an environment where all calls are of the utmost importance, it’s essential that those contacting the office are able to speak to someone quickly and easily.
  • Highlight periods of high demand – Call logging software allows you to track any other peaks or troughs that might occur throughout a day, week or month. It allows management to make the most of resources, committing the right numbers of staff to specific roles at key times.
  • Address individual performance issues – Call logging software offers a wide range of information that can help you to assess an individuals performance. For instance, it can tell you the average length of time someone has spent on the phone, meaning that if training is required to ensure that calls are answered and dealt with quicker, this can be put in place.

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