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How Call Logging and Call Recording software can make you a better leader!

The benefits of how call logging and call recording software…

impact upon any business are rather clear; such software is cost cutting, identifies and reduces inefficiencies within a company, and helps staff members to fulfil their roles with clearer motivation. In addition, as if those benefits weren’t enough, call logging and call recording programmes can help the business leader, like you, to become better at what they do best; leading. Great leaders inspire, communicate well, lead by example, and always find new ways to tackle issues that are standing in the way of business perfection. With call logging and recording software you’ll be on your way to greatness.

The key to a successful leader is communication

The key to a successful leader is communication, but you can hardly command the best from your employees if you’re not prepared to listen, and project a clear message, yourself. Call logging and call recording software is incredibly handy to have in your office if you’re in need of a little boost; listen to what your staff has been saying, interpret their calls in terms of conversion and sales, or customer service, and ensure that everyone is complying. By surrounding yourself with, and keeping track of, the words being spoken in the office each and every day, you’ll learn to spot effective communication, and be able to rein team members in when you notice a need for improvement.

Boost motivation

There’s nothing more becoming of a leader than the power to motivate, and you team looks up to you as a guiding force, and creator of inspiration. So, how can call logging and recording software help here? Call logging software will enable you to study the frequency of volume of calls at particular times of the day and work out where improvements in handling need to be made, as well as charting the data pertaining to particular clients, and ensuring no caller is waiting too long for contact. Once you know what needs to be fixed, you can more ably motivate your team to get going; many leaders operate rewards schemes or incentive boards to great effect, but simply explaining the importance of your team’s continued efforts should reap fantastic results too. Call recording, on the other hand, is a great way for you to drive home the importance of clarity and compliance, and to inspire your call handlers to implement perfect communication skills every time.

Make better use of your company’s resources

There’s nothing like making personal calls to halt a productive afternoon, yet so many workers across the UK are doing that right now; perhaps they feel that the majority of their work is done, or have an important message to relay home, but it’s essential that you bring a halt to such behaviour if it’s having a detrimental affect on business, or the productivity of your team. Call logging software will enable you to see what phone calls have been made when, to whom, and with what frequency, helping you to identify repeat offenders and tackle them regarding such actions before they become a problem. Being a good leader isn’t always about being your employees’ friend and letting them get away with what they want, but implementing rules and ensuring the best for business.

There are numerous other ways in which call logging and call recording software can assist in your quest to become a better leader, and many of those will be incredibly personal to whom you are as a person, and the type of business you run. If you want to hear more about Lanonyx’s benefits for business leaders please don’t hesitate to contact us today or call us on 0333 0022 440; we can help you to run a tighter, and more successful, ship, starting right at the top.

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