Lets get some myths busted

Call Recording with VoIP software? Lets get some myths busted!

Call recording with VoIP

Running Call Recording with VoIP (Voice over Internet protocol) has become a popular choice for many businesses in recent years and at Lanonyx we’ve ensured that our software is fully compatible with it. There are many benefits for companies to use VoIP including cost, functionality, portability and flexibility. Click here for our previous post about the benefits of VoIP.

Using Call Recording with VoIP isn’t a particularly new function but ,although there have been numerous improvements made over a number of years, there are still some businesses seemingly worried by a few VoIP myths that have built up over time.

Busting VoIP myths

  • Lack of security. Like anything else that is Internet based VoIP can be prone to the same type of unwanted attention. As a business you strive to ensure that your online presence is secure and if you’re using VoIP it’s simply an extension of that process. So, there’s no reason to be unduly worried about security with VoIP as long as you make the effort to take the right precautions at the outset.
  • VoIP can be unreliable. It might sound obvious but your VoIP system will only be as good as your internet connection. If your system is generally solid and reliable then your VoIP system will be too. With super fast connections becoming increasingly available across much of the UK, VoIP should be consistent. However, if you are looking to use the system for remote workers the connection at their location will of course dictate what level of performance they receive.
  • Sound quality isn’t that great. It’s true that originally sound quality could be pretty poor. But, with advancements being made all the time it’s likely that you would never know if you’re talking to someone over VoIP or not. Internet lines are continuously being replaced and upgraded so it’s conceivable that sound quality will only continue to get better and better.
  • Installation and configuration can be awkward. VoIP is designed to be very easy to install. The idea is that remote workers can easily upload and access the service without the need for expert help. If you do need assistance we’ll be happy to help you along here at Lanonyx, chances are though that it might be one of the easier things you’ll have to do today!
  • Are the benefits really that great? The benefits definitely seem to be important for those companies that want to take advantage of them. If it helps your business to be more flexible and portable then VoIP is certainly worth looking at. The key thing is that when you package up the capabilities of the system and factor in the cost savings it can truly be a great tool. If your current system doesn’t meet your needs, make a list of what you’d want it to do and then match it to what VoIP can provide, it’s a good bet that you might just find the solution you’ve been looking for!

Running Call Recording with VoIP can offer your business a wealth of information and functionality. Don’t be put off by the possible problems, if you work to ensure that the platform on which it is based is secure and consistent there’s no reason to expect issues beyond anything you might experience through a landline. The benefits may just offer you the difference you need to take your business to the next level.

If you’d like to find out more about call recording or call logging software please don’t hesitate to give us a call; we’d be happy to tell you everything we know – which happens to be rather a lot! Drop us a line on 0333 0022 440, or contact us. We’re here ready to help.

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