Call logging and recording software for the building trade

Call logging and recording software for the building trade: We can fix it

How the building trade can benefit from Call Logging and Call Recording software

On the face of it the idea of call logging and recording software for the building trade might not seem like an obvious fit. But, whether you’re in the business of fitting carpets, making over skirting boards, laying down floorboards, plumbing in appliances, or renovating whole houses, your availability on the phone is absolutely integral to the success of your business; while social media and the Internet are quickly becoming useful tools for those in search of the right trades-person, the humble phone line is still the easiest way for businesses to connect with potential clients, and returning customers.

Finding the right person for the job is of the utmost importance to homeowners, and making sure you’re always available when they call is the best way to build trust, and gain loyalty, right from the start. Besides, customers will rarely chase you if they’re unable to reach you on the first attempt, so who’s getting your business if it’s not you?

Our call logging and recording software will complement your existing telephone service perfectly, and ensure that you’re never missing out to the competition.

So, here’s how call logging and recording software for the building trade is essential.

Monitoring compliance and keeping records

Call recording software is a fantastic tool to have when you’re training new team members, enabling them to listen intently to good and bad examples of conduct and follow the lines of communication you’re most keen to promote. Call recording software can also be used to monitor staff compliance, ensure call handlers are keeping up the good work, and iron out any issues you may be having; disputes can be common in the building trade, so it’s a good idea to document the calls you make and receive.

Preventing bottlenecks

Life is simple enough when you’re a single trades-person with one phone, but get any more people involved and bottlenecks are common; customers can be passed back and forth – to their frustration – and important information is lost along the way. Call logging software allows tradespeople to keep an eye on communication and transactions as they’re made, ensuring everyone is doing their job at a particular stage. Call recording software, meanwhile, is handy for capturing data that can be returned to if anything does go wrong; your customers will appreciate you not having to return to them to ask the same questions over and over again, while data pertaining to quotes, payments, and promises is always to hand even when the paperwork isn’t.

Access to summary reports

Our call logging software will provide those in the building trade with easy access to summary reports, which contain a wealth of information pertaining to the telephone calls you’re likely to make and receive; each report documents the number of calls that have been answered or abandoned, the average length of conversations, the amount of time customers were waiting before their calls were picked up, and the totals for the day, ensuring problems are picked up quickly. Such reports are incredibly useful when it comes to monitoring the productivity of staff members in various departments, particularly if you have any concerns regarding bottlenecks that may be frustrating your customers.

With our call logging and recording software you can be assured that your business’s communication is in the right hands, freeing up your time to focus on what you do best.

Please call 0333 0022 440, or contact us to find out more about call recording and call logging , or to organise a free trial. ; it could be the difference between your business doing a good job, and a bodged job. 

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