Call Recording Software and Mitel 5000

One of our customers has been using Telestat 7 Call Recording Software connected to their Mitel 5000 phone system and ISDN30 trunk for nearly a year now.

We recently spoke to them to see how they were doing and if Telestat 7 Call Recording Software fully meets their needs.

They are an outsourced call centre with such a personal touch you would think they are part of your own organisation, they also operate a virtual receptionist service, they use the Call Recording System for a variety of purposes including:

  • Training new staff and continuous training of existing staff
  • Message handling, sometimes key points are lost during the message taking process, not anymore, instead of just emailing their customer with some slim details, they email them the call recording of the callers actual request.
  • Appointment confirmation
  • Sales and Order confirmation

They also use the Call Logger for billing their clients for calls, by keying in an account code during the call they tag the call as belonging to that customer or campaign, then by running an account code report they can produce an itemised activity report/bill for each customer.

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