Call recording and other ways to improve call handling quality

Call recording and other ways to improve call handling quality

Finding effective ways to improve call handling quality is essential for call centre managers the world over. Consistent service quality standards are vital when dealing with clients and customers, meaning that managers are constantly striving for methods that can help maintain and develop performance.

Call recording and logging software is right at the heart of the best ways to consolidate and improve call handling quality. The following tips work best when employed in conjunction with call technology to ensure the right results.

  • Constant agent monitoring – With ongoing monitoring customer satisfaction rates, average call handling times and first contact resolution can all be improved. The easiest method for monitoring is to use call recording as a record of all calls to be reviewed and analysed.
  • Listening to customers – If you know exactly what your customers want it’s easier to serve them effectively. Listening in to calls can help to highlight issues or trends that may hitherto have gone unnoticed. Call recording and logging capability and statistics offer access to customer information that can perhaps be the difference between success and failure.
  • Set clear standards to work to – Setting appropriate key performance indicators within the call centre is an important metric to improve call handling quality. All team members need to be clear about what is expected of them and what represents a successful outcome. Call recording software allows you to monitor and refine efforts to ensure that standards are met and ultimately exceeded. The knock on effect leads to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Make time for training – Having compiled all the information you have it should make you better placed to identify specific training issues for individual members of the team. Timely training interventions can nip potentially damaging situations in the bud or deal with new trends as they arise leading to better client interactions. Training that is focused and specific will garner far more favourable reactions from operators.

Finding ways to improve call handling quality can be made easier with the right tools. In marketplaces where trends come and go quickly, identifying opportunities and threats quickly can be the difference between you and your competitors. An investment in call technology will bring return on outlay and help you to further your business effectiveness almost immediately.

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