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Call Logging and Call Recording software for the Travel industry

We’re all going on a summer holiday:

The Easter holidays are firmly behind us, and a long summer season is looming; it must be time for travellers to start thinking about booking their next getaway, surely? If you work in the travel industry in any capacity it’s likely you’re preparing yourself for an incredible boost in trade over the coming weeks and months. Indeed, things are probably about to get very hectic. So, how do you plan on preparing for the impending boom? Does your telephone system have what it takes to handle anything, and everything that’s about to come your way? Call logging and recording software is particularly important in the travel industry, helping businesses to better serve budding travellers, and improve their own performance.

So, how does it work? Call logging and recording software are essential for…

Capturing travellers’ details

It doesn’t matter what position you hold, you’re likely to come into contact with an incredible amount of data during any given day at your job in the travel industry. From booking enquiries and confirmation, to the details pertaining to each member of a party, it’s absolutely vital that you take down every piece of information accurately – or risk nullifying an aspect of the group’s holiday, or insurance documentation. When call recording software is implemented, it automatically captures such details for you; you’ll always have a backup copy of the information you need on file. What’s more, such information is going to be incredibly easy to find if you ever require it.

Remaining compliant in the travel industry

All travel companies and agencies are governed by ABTA, and will be regulated by the FCA if they offer connected travel insurance policies. If you’re such a business you’ll know how important it is that you record your calls; indeed, it’s actually a legality that you do. Compliance, and proof of compliance, is an integral part of every travel business, ensuring they’re operating for the benefit of shareholders, employees, and customers alike. You must have an audit trail that organisations such as the FCA can follow if needs be. Are you up to speed on the law, and what’s required of you regarding call recording?

Handling complaints and disputes

There’s nothing like a relaxing summer holiday to inspire your customers’ emotions. We work hard for our holidays, and can become quickly disappointed when things don’t turn out as planned; it can be easy to see why, then, some people are quick to complain when something doesn’t meet their expectations. That said, it’s incredibly difficult to deal with such people when you’ve little control over the outcome of their complaint. Call recording can play an integral role in complaint resolution, quickly dispelling instances of ‘he said, she said’. It will also become vital should a dispute be made against a member of staff. Call recording software can be used to protect the rights of your customers, and the nerves of you staff members.

Monitoring employees’ productivity and targets

While call recording is a great way to keep a handle on data, and to monitor complaint resolution and customer service, call logging is absolutely vital for keeping an eye on your employees’ productivity – and your team’s ability to meet targets. The travel industry is a competitive one, and you need to know that your team is able to meet goals, handle call volume, and convert enquiries into sales. Call logging is a great way to do this; your office leaderboard will feature customisable columns, ensuring you can monitor the aspects of your call centre that concern or inspire you the most. What’s more, you’ll see the details for every call that’s made and received, enabling you to further monitor the data that’s making its way into your business.

There are numerous benefits of call logging and recording software that we’ve not mentioned, of course. Call Logging is the most efficient way to avoid missed calls, while Call Recording is the perfect accompaniment to the training procedures you already have in place. If you’re at all concerned that your call logging and recording software might fall below par please do give us a call on 0333 0022 440 or contact us; we’re here to help your business to be the best it can be. Besides, who doesn’t love a good holiday? We’ll see you by the pool!

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