Call logging and recording for small businesses: Our software isn’t just for the big leagues

Small businesses, listen up; you don’t have to be a big fish in an overpopulated pond in order to make the most of call logging and recording equipment. As a matter of fact, our software is perfectly suited to businesses of every size, offering efficient and reliable solutions to a range of call issues that you might have been facing.

For example, call logging and recording equipment will…

Save your business money

We all have to start somewhere, and as a relatively small operation or startup you’re no doubt keen to watch the pennies and pounds as much as possible. Our call logging software will generate itemised bills, as well as automatic reports that will be emailed directly to you. These helpful breakdowns will quickly determine how much you’re spending, and where that money is being used. In addition to transparent billing call logging offers businesses the opportunity to reduce unnecessary costs, and to find the right package to suit all call requirements.

Improve your call handling capabilities

With its real-time leaderboards and automatic report generation our logging software will soon become an integral tool in your call-handling arsenal. Your team will be able to determine the exact number of calls it’s received at any one time, as well as predicting the busiest periods of activity. Unanswered calls are a plague on small and big businesses alike. However, these detailed reports will ensure there’s always someone there to answer the phones – and a means to return lost calls as and when you’re able to.

Increase your team’s performance

Who doesn’t enjoy a little friendly competition? Our leaderboards offer a fantastic solution to team motivation, enabling members of your sales and customer service departments to see just how many calls they’ve handled, which areas have been the busiest, and who has converted the most enquiries into profit. The automatic reports that you’ll receive to your email inbox will spare no details either; you’ll receive an excellent insight into your team, including those that work the hardest.

Help your business to grow

Call recording software is a great way to train new team members, ensuring they have quick and easy access to the kinds of sales spiels and customer service scripts that they’ll be expected to deliver. The sales floor can be a particularly daunting place for new employees. However, your ability to present outstanding, and less impressive examples of calls will answer queries and concerns before they’ve been raised, and gently introduce new starters to the quality of call handling that you expect.

Give your business an edge in customer services

Your ability to handle calls, quell concerns, and resolve disputes will quickly set you apart from your biggest competitors – for better and worse. Call recording is an excellent resource for businesses of every size. Indeed, a simple announcement that your company is in the habit of recording its calls will often be enough to deter nefarious callers. Our software is so much more than that though. It’s your avenue to efficient complaint resolution, a means to improve the quality of your calls, and a way to ensure compliance amongst your team.

Our call logging and recording software provides small businesses with an opportunity to compete with the big leagues; whether you’re looking to train your team more efficiently, cost your calls with more accuracy, or monitor your communications more effectively, we’ll be on hand to help. Indeed, our supportive team is available 24 hours a day via phone or email whenever you have a query or concern. We’re happy to guide you through every eventuality until you’re completely comfortable with your new software.

 Who knows; those bigger businesses may soon be looking towards your company for inspiration when it comes to streamlined and manageable systems! It certainly won’t hurt to give us a call

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