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Call Logging and Call Recording software for a new generation

Call Logging and Call Recording software: How did we get this far, and where do we go from here?

We talk rather extensively about call logging and  call recording software – it’s our business, you see – but do you know where it all began, or how it is that things have progressed so far? In order to assess whether such technology is right for today’s generation of new businesses, and to assess where we go from here, it is essential to first take a peek at those early roots…

Heading back to the 1970’s: Where Call Logging began

Named as if it had fallen directly out of science fiction System X, which was introduced in the 1970’s by Post Office Telecommunications, was something of a precursor to the modern call logging system, enabling the company to upgrade the telephone network and modernise operations. Initially designed to gather call data and billing information this revolutionary system soon revealed another benefit; local management was now able to identify, and study, emerging call patterns. While individual users today would use such knowledge to improve the quality of their calls, and decrease waiting times, such data was used to register peak call times, and to reduce pressure on the exchange in order to improve customer provision. The seed was sown, and the technology was now there to be developed, joining call recording hardware and software, which had existed since the 1890’s.

Call Logging and Call Recording for a new generation

The primary uses of call logging and recording software, including data collection, quality control, and legal compliance have changed very little since those very early days; the software still exists, in essence, to fulfill all of those tasks and more. These days, though, the introduction of such technology into a company does so much more. You see, nowadays business is less and less about the product or service that’s on offer, and increasingly about the ways in which operations are conducted and workforces trained. For that reason call logging and call recording is now expected to improve performance, increase compliance, create bigger revenue, and nurture better relationships between companies and their clients. Such technology also helps businesses to be more self-aware; indeed, the call logging and call recording software that is in use at the moment is helping companies, big and small, from every sector imaginable to grow beyond expectation. As if that wasn’t enough, customers will find themselves on the receiving end of increased convenience and, in turn, a new sense of confidence in every company they choose to represent their needs.

The future of Call Logging, and Call Recording, software

So, what does the future hold for call logging and call recording software? Have we really come as far as we can? The simple answer, which we’re always tempted to utter, is that we’ve not even come close to exploring the potential of these kinds of software. After all, isn’t the international marketplace always moving forwards, and the expectations and demands of clients forever changing? It’s said that recording the past will help your company to control its future, and we’re confident that only bigger and better things are on their way from this kind of technology.

If you’d like to investigate the benefits of call logging and call recording software, or dive straight into getting everything sorted, please do give us a call on 0333 0022 440, or contact us. Our team is happy to answer any further queries you may have…

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