The Benefits of Telestat Call Logging Software and Recording Software

What issues can Call Logging Software and Recording Software solve?

Whether you’re new to the idea, or have been using call monitoring software for sometime, there’s no underestimating the effectiveness of such technology, particularly when you’re trying to run a successful business. How do you choose the right software for you and your business, though, and what issues can be solved with such software?


The Benefits of Telestat Call Logging Software and Recording Software
Telestat Call Logging Software

Connecting to any telephone system with an appropriate logging port Telestat Call Logging Software is a fantastic office resource if you’re hoping to log incoming and outgoing calls, including internal and lost communications. Displaying details such as extension numbers, call statistics, and other details, the software’s wallboards make sure that the whole office is kept up to date with what’s been happening. Will you need to run reports? Itemised reports, your preferred data, and all manner of stats can be emailed to you wherever you are, so you’ll never miss out again. The Telestat Call Logging Software offered by Lanonyx comes with 24-hour support via email, mounted wallboards that give data in real-time, automatically produced reports, and a free trial – you’ll soon see how valuable such software can be.

Issues… Being able to log your calls may not seem hugely important, but as a business you must be aware of any communications being made – either by you, or with you. After all, if you’re not sure how many calls you’ve missed, how often a particular client calls you, or what keeps your phone lies tied up all day, how can you make improvements or ensure that your office is running at maximum efficiency? Telestat Call Logging Software will increase your business’s performances by optimising your staff’s time, save you money by itemising every bill, and improve your response times; if you’re aware of how much you spend, and how long you take to answer calls, you’ll know where to improve your performance and productivity. Sounds simple enough!

Telestat Call Recording Software

Working in conjunction with Telestat Call Logging Software, this recording software may well prove invaluable to your business; how else will you record incoming and outgoing phone calls, log important data, or check up on past conversations to check for errors? Businesses that rely upon phone calls as a means of communication, such as call centres, can often come unstuck when they rely upon memory or hastily written notes to recall important facts and figures. Imagine, then, being able to bring up every last detail with the tap of a button – it would be so much easier, wouldn’t it? In addition, call recording software enables you to identify members of staff that are outperforming others, and the members of your team that need a little more work – there’s no disputing the evidence. Lanonyx’s Telestat Call Recording Software is available on a free trial, and operates with 24 hour email support.

Issues… If your business is built upon communication you need to know that your staff are saying the right things, issues are swiftly dealt with, and that disputes are resolved as quickly and easily as possible. Call recording software will increase compliance, increase your dispute resolution capabilities, and enable you to train new telephone operatives, as well as enabling you to go back and check the facts whenever issues arise. Not only that, but recording calls is a great way to improve performance and productivity – all with very little effort. Can you afford to underestimate the importance of communication?

Well, you’ve read for yourself what Telestat Call Logging and Recording Software can do, and it’s available NOW for a free trial.

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