Back to school: The benefits of call logging and recording when it’s time to get back to business

The benefits of call logging and recording when it’s time to get back to business

The summer holidays are well and truly over, and for many businesses up and down the country it’s time to start thinking about Christmas – and beyond. While many children will have started, or returned to school, September is a time when companies may start to consider the changes they could be making in order to save money, increase productivity, and improve efficiency. If yours is one of those businesses we’d like to take a moment to say, ‘hello’. If you’re feeling refreshed, renewed, and ready to go after a long, lazy summer there are a number of ways that call logging and recording software could help you…

Call logging could help to assess your business’s needs

There’s an old saying; ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. While we’re advocates of such a sentiment it becomes a problem if you’re not quite sure whether something is broken – or where things might be going wrong. Take your call handling skills, for example. Until you’ve been able to monitor inbound and outbound calls, assess call volume, and ascertain how many calls you’re losing, you don’t stand a chance of applying any changes. This is where call logging software can help. It ensures that you’ve plenty of agents stationed when and where they’re needed. The reports generated during each day will give you plenty of insight into how and why calls are being lost, and enable you to rectify such issues.

Call recording could provide essential training

We’ve no doubt that businesses up and down the country are considering Christmas. Perhaps you’ve begun to post job vacancies in order to support the upcoming season. You may even have started to work out your training strategy, particularly if your new recruits are likely to be working with telephones, scripts, and in customer-facing roles. Call recording can make training a breeze. Our software enables employers to quickly and conveniently recall any number of conversations, ensuring the best and work examples of interactions can be used in training sessions. Such methods yield great results, ensuring new starters are always aware of what’s expected of them.

Call logging could save you cash

Could you say, with any certainty, how much you’re paying for calls beyond your chosen communications package? With call logging you won’t need to guess, since you’ll be sent automatic reports at the end of every day. Each call that is made or received by your company will be listed, alongside information pertaining to call length, the frequency with which a particular number has called or been called, and the agent who made or received the call. In short, you’ll be able to tell when unnecessary calls are being made, and cut back on your team members using the phones if they’re doing so irresponsibly. You’ll also be able to cut back on needless call features, and condense your telephone packages if money is being wasted.

Call recording could resolve your disputes

Who wants to start the new term under the cloud of a dispute? September is a great time for schools to wipe their slates clean, and for pupils to begin the academic year with a renewed sense of confidence and determination to succeed. There’s no reason why your business should be any different – particularly if you’ve pledged to support your staff and develop better relationships with your customers. Call recording is a great way to eliminate disputes, and to ensure that matters are resolved quickly and sensitively. While you may have once relied on customer honesty, or an agent’s memory, call recording means you’ll have the facts to hand at all times. What’s more, if an issue should escalate you have all the evidence you need to settle the matter once and for all.

Perhaps you’ve recently waved your kids back to school and have decided it’s time to focus on you. Maybe your business had begun to feel a bit stale, and could benefit from the revival that the back-to-school feeling inspires. Whatever your reasons for turning September and October into your most productive months yet, be reassured that we’ll be with you every step of the way. Well, with Christmas to think about there’s never been a better time to get your business in order.

If it’s time to get back to business drop us a line; we’re happy to discuss call logging and recording software for as long as you are. You could say it’s a passion of ours…

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