KPI’s: How Do I Measure Performance Using My Phone System

How do I measure staff KPI’s using my phone system

The wish to measure KPI’s in nothing new, business owners and managers always want to know how many widgets they have sold today, this week/month/year or how much they have invoiced and gross profit etc in a given time period.

Can they afford a new Bentley? and how many weeks long is the Caribbean holiday going to be this year?

The main obstacle is “how” to get meaningful data from your business processes to produce these KPI’s and especially where electronics systems are concerned, for example the Telephone System.

How do I get real-time stats from my phone system

Most phone systems nowadays can produce reports either by themselves or by bolting on some software to crunch the numbers for you. Most of the time this is historical data, what “has” happened, knowing what has happened is useful but a lot of today’s owner/managers want to know what “is” happening and what is happening right now!

I want to know what is happening right now, “right now”.

I don’t want to wait until tomorrow to find out I had a problem yesterday, I want to know now so I can take action now!

And to take that a step further; what if I can show my staff the problem in real-time so they can fix the problem in real-time and therefore it becomes a smaller problem and less often and without the owner/manager being too involved, what difference would that make to the business and it’s staff? this is empowerment, in real-time.

So how do we do it?

It’s easy with Telestat Call Logging and Recording Software.

How do i measure staff KPIs using my phone system

Telestat has 4 real-time wallboards that display a wide range of information in real-time.

1. The Real-Time Leaderboard, designed specifically to show extension stats, calls in/out, call duration, idle time and much more.
Call Logging Software Real-Time Leaderboard working Video.

2. The Group Wallboard, designed specifically to show department/team stats, calls in/out/answered/dropped etc.
Call Logging Software Real-Time Wallboard working Video.

3. The Real-Time Stats, larger and more colourful stats on the company as a whole, very useful for small businesses.
Call Logging Software Real-Time Stats working.

4. The Real-Time Graph, if you prefer bar graphs to numbers, this is for you.
Call Logging Software Real-Time Graph working.

Choose the Wallboard that shows you what you want to see, configure it and put it on a whopping big monitor in the office (or several monitors as there are no licence restrictions or charges), simples….

Real-Time KPI’s from your phone system, tick 🙂

Question “How do i measure staff KPI’s using my phone system”
Answer, With Telestat Call Logging and Recording Software from Lanonyx.


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