Track Un-Answered Calls the easy way

You can now Track Un-Answered Calls the easy way!

The Telestat Call Logging Software Leaderboard now has the option to show Un-Answered non returned calls so you can Track Un-Answered Calls.

Track Un-Answered Calls the easy way - Call Logging and Recording

What does this mean? Most systems can show you missed calls (and missed calls can mean missed opportunities), but, if that caller has subsequently spoken to someone in your business then they are not really a missed opportunity anymore but it is often difficult to distinguish between the 2 types of call as they look the same in data terms and that devalues the standard reports to the point where often they are discarded as being un-reliable.

Telestat Call Logging Software has a clever report that helps you Track Un-Answered Calls it looks at missed calls and also looks to see if there as been a real call sometime after it, if so it excludes that missed call from the report.

We have now duplicated that function onto the Leaderboard where it updates in real-time.

If an unanswered call occurs, it is shown on the board, when that caller calls again or someone calls and speaks to them the missed call is removed from the board.

If the Leaderboard is placed on a big screen in your office then everyone can see those potential missed opportunities and return the call very quickly as the callers name and number are also on the board.

You can also customise the colour/fonts etc if required.


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