Telestat 7 Call Logging Software has arrived

We have been busy upgrading Telestat 6 and are delighted to announce we have now released Telestat 7.

The main difference with Telestat 7 is you can add Call Recording Software to record your Trunk Side, ISDN2, ISDN30, Analogue or SIP Trunks.

There are a fair few extra features in the Call Logging Software also, here are the main ones since the last major release of Version 6:

Report Generator

  • Addition of Split by Hour Report
  • Addition of Split by Day Report
  • Call Filter option so you can quickly find a call in the list (without running a report) particularly useful for finding call recordings


  • now has centred Vertical justified Rows
  • now has a Ring Time Call Filter for UnAnswered calls, so short ring times can be filtered off the board.

Core System

  • Number IDs now has Manual and Automatic Import options with auto Data Reprocess (this reprocesses today’s calls to retrofit the data with Number IDs added today)

Remote Tools

  • You can now use the remote tools in a non-domain environment and it’s now a lot easier to setup Remote Tools on remote PCs


  • And lots of other smaller enhancements.

How do I upgrade?

  • Any customer who has a valid software maintenance contract can upgrade to Telestat 7 for free.
  • If you don’t have a valid maintenance contract you can upgrade from any previous version of Telestat to Telestat 7 Call Logging Software for £245.00
    Click here to Upgrade
    And if you renew your maintenance at the same time we will discount the total by £50.00.


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